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What you may not know but need to know in today’s competitive market place, tips to improve your skills and efficiency.


What’s in an image?:

Creating you own unique Brand in today's market is essential to survival, with so many others out there competing for the same dollar, creating an image that identifies you as different from the rest is important to create and maintain not only a market presence but also customer loyalty.Uniformity and consistency are a great advantage and essential to creating your own “Brand”.At imageArt.co.nz our goal is to create your own unique identity that is in keeping with the spirit and service style of your business


What things cost and how to get them, ways and places to market your business :

Should you use printed media or web ?
Costs of printing can vary immensely depending on quantity, style, andpaper used and where and how you plan to distribute – to produce 10 colour pages may cost you $1.50 per page, by comparison doing a print run of 100,000 may bring the cost of full colour back to just a few cents.
Distribution also may vary – you can make use of distribution as inserts within local newspapers, through a mailbox drop, or using standard postal methods. Using electronic means can be very cost effective – mass email or faxes can be done very easily from within your own business without the cost associated with hard copy, having a web also means you are open 24 hours a day 7 days a week.


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