Price Guide for Services

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Graphic Design & Desktop Publishing :

Standard charge is $60 excl per hour for most work.
As a guide, a normal newspaper ad or A4 size flyer (refer samples shown on ‘Graphic Design' Page)can generally take from 1 ½ to 4 hours to complete.
This time may vary depending on whether photographic images are to be included and if so what preparation work they may need.
For simpler black & white flyers or text only ads or price tags, time required may only be ½ an hour (Note: there is a minimum charge of $60.00 excl per project).

For larger projects, such as catalogues or booklets – please ask for a quote, price per page may be anything from $20 to $100 depending on the similarity of content and quantity of pages.
Clear cutting service is available at $15 excl per image, (if requested as a separate service)
note : price includes writing of image to CD in up to 2 formats ie: tif for print use and optimized gif format for web use.
NOTE : The above prices to not include printing charges (for multiple copies) or advertising fees (for newspapers etc)


Photography :

Minimum charge is $60 excl, however there is no minimum quantity of images required for this service.
Rates apply to both 35mm film and also digital media
Photography only : Please ask for a quote
Product Photography and clear cutting service combined : $20 incl per image (includes files written to CD in up to 4 formats ie: tif in RGB & CMYK, optimized gif, and RBG jpg.
Scanning of 35mm Negitives : $4.50 incl ea (scanned to 4000dpi and written to CD in up to 3 sizes or formats of your choosing)
Photographic quality prints : 5 x 7” $15.00 incl ea, 8 x 10” $25.00 incl ea, 10 x 15” $50.00 incl ea
For areas outside Christchurch travel charge may apply, please enquire
(min $20 to max of $80 for south Island areas)
For photography of events and or large projects please ask for a quote
(these are normally charged based on time and quantity of images required)


Other Services - Training and onsite graphic work:

Based on an hourly charge of $60 excl per hour (minimum charge of $60 excl)
It is highly recommended that you do not undertake more than two hours training at any one session however if you require regular sessions, for example 6 x 1 hourly lessons, then a lower rate of $45 incl would apply.
The same applies to on-site graphic work – if you require regular work undertaken then a lower rate may be available. Please enquire contact us at imageart.co.nz


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